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Compliance Audits

Conducting an environmental compliance audit is a sound precaution and proactive measure in today’s heavily regulated environment. Compliance auditing is a core focus of EPS. We provide not only accurate snap-shots of current conditions, but the tools and training to allow for continued compliance after we leave.

What is an Environmental Compliance Audit?

The audit is a systematic and objective process that assesses the regulatory compliance of a facility or organization’s activities. Its purpose is typically to:

  • Verify regulatory compliance
  • Assess internal policy and conformance
  • Establish current practice status
  •   Identify improvement opportunities

Conducting the Audit

The audit typically begins with an opening meeting where the facility and audit team members are introduced, the day’s schedule is determined, and objectives are discussed and defined.  The meeting is followed by a tour of the facility and document review.

Post Audit

The post audit begins with an audit report of findings and recommendations that contribute towards formulation of an action plan.  EPS may then assist the company in the development of the action plan which provides the action items to be addressed in order to obtain or maintain compliance or other company objectives as identified in the audit, as well as timetables, responsibilities, and milestones.

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