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Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a decision tool that combines information about toxicity and exposure. Human health and ecological risk assessments are required components of many regulatory programs that govern potential releases of chemicals into the environment or the remediation of environmental media impacted by historic chemical releases. EPS toxicologists and environmental scientists not only know how to conduct risk assessments, but also take full advantage of the flexibilities offered in regulatory programs to utilize sound scientific approaches that refine risk estimates and make them as site specific as possible. EPS provides our clients with strategic advice for developing the most the cost-effective approaches for managing any identified risks.

The specific services offered include:

  • Site-specific human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Probabilistic risk assessments
  • Chemical-specific toxicological analyses
  • Design and interpretation of field and laboratory toxicological studies
  • Ecological habitat characterizations
  • Spatial analysis and calculation of optimized exposure estimates
  • Development of site-specific risk-based cleanup levels
  • Risk-based evaluation of remedial alternatives and design optimization
  • Risk-based demonstration of remedy effectiveness

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