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GIS & Environmental Data Management

For many environmental projects, there is often an abundance of data collected over many years. EPS has developed standard and customized tools for integrating and interpreting vast amounts of data to create spatial data sets as part of an Environmental Data Model. These tools support techniques that are effective in communicating the spatial nature of the data to clients and regulators. Our experienced consultants follow a proven, formal design process to identify the end-user’s requirements. One of our strengths is its ability to convert and manage large volumes of data into a normalized relational database structure where all records are formatted and categorized during validation in order to be stored in standardized tables, while at the same time retaining original values.

The Environmental Data Model incorporates hydrogeologic and contaminant information, which can then be used and visualized within a Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS allows unlimited data theme overlays to facilitate the most completed and accurate interpretation of the information. EPS staff is knowledgeable and experienced in working with and managing complex conversion projects, which require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scale, vintages and quality. The sources could be a combination of aerial images, field observations, CAD drawings, and topographic maps.

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