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Ecosystem Services and Natural Resources

The increased focus on ecosystem services has led to increasing numbers of regulations geared toward protecting natural resources. These ecosystem assets provide social, environmental and economic benefits to the public. Environmental markets are emerging to capture the inherent value of these ecosystem assets as they pertain to private land stewardship. It is more important than ever for decision makers to understand how their choices can affect the social, environmental and economic benefits associated with an ecological asset. EPS provides a variety of services to support clients in responding to issues associated with natural resource implications. These services include natural resource damage assessments (NRDA), net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA), terrestrial and aquatic ecology surveys and studies, ecosystem service analysis (e.g., ecological and human use valuation in NEBA, NRDA, and land asset valuation), environmental permitting support, threatened and endangered species (T&E) evaluation and biological assessments, ecological and human health risk assessments, environmental sampling (surface water, groundwater, sediments, soils, and air), plus others.

Areas associated with our staff ecosystem service applications include:

  • Site remediation
  • Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities)
  • NEPA development support (e.g., EIS, EIA, EA)
  • Oil spill response and planning strategies
  • US natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) and EU damage assessments (ELD)
  • Habitat and Resource Equivalency Analyses (HEA and REA)
  • Ecological and human health risk assessment
  • Land management actions and re-use designs (e.g., brownfield, greenfield designs)
  • Restoration, recreational area designs (e.g., eco-tourism)
  • Permitting and mitigation requirements
  • Compensatory restoration evaluation
  • Threatened and Endangered Species and Biological Assessments
  • Environmental sustainability and stewardship demonstration
  • Utilities (316a and 316b: thermal and Impingement/Entrainment Issues)
  • Land asset management and surplus property valuation
  • Due diligence (acquisition/divestiture)
  • Tax implications
  • Linear projects such as road development and corridor evaluation
  • Watershed planning
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Any actions that affect ecosystem service values


Ecosystem Services and Natural Resources Services:

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