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Maintaining Compliance

Obtaining an air permit is just the first step in maintaining regulatory compliance. Most permits require recordkeeping. Some permits require complex recordkeeping. EPS recognizes that compliance requirements extend well beyond obtaining permits.  In combination with our permitting projects, EPS implements recordkeeping and reporting programs to ensure continued compliance.  Services include:

  • Air Records Management Systems (ARMS):  Spreadsheets, databases, and other tools used to compile information necessary to meet permit requirements.
  • Log sheets and recordkeeping forms:  Easy-to-use sheets and forms to record operational parameters and other required data.
  • Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) Support:  Specifications for EMIS development, including conceptual design of online forms, queries, and reports.
  • Periodic reports:  Annual, semiannual, and quarterly reports for air permit, NESHAP, and NSPS compliance.
  • Title V Annual Compliance Certification (ACC):  Report preparation and documentation of compliance status.

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