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Greenhouse Gases

Many organizations now need to quantify their greenhouse gas emissions and/or carbon footprint to meet the requirements of reporting programs such as U.S. EPA’s GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule, as well as voluntary reporting programs. To better understand the potential implications of greenhouse gas reduction requirements, organizations also benefit from an emissions inventory. EPS prepares properly documented, accurate inventories and carbon footprint determinations in accordance with standard protocols, including:

  • The Climate Registry Reporting Protocols
  • World Resources Institute/WBCSD GHG Protocol
  • U.S. EPA Climate Leaders Guidance
  • U.S. EPA Mandatory Reporting Rule (40 CFR Part 98)

To meet the growing the growing needs in the area of greenhouse gas management, our greenhouse gas services include:

  • GHG calculation (Carbon Footprint), tracking, and reporting to meet mandatory reporting requirements or voluntary reporting programs
  • GHG inventory development and verification readiness assurance against GHG reporting and verification criteria
  • GHG inventory and reduction project verification and validation
  • Identification and engineering evaluation of emissions reduction projects

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