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Georgia DNR Board Adopts Amended Air Rules

Misc. Rules Update:

  • Updates VOC definition for exempt solvents;
  • Revises the ambient air standards to be consistent with the NAAQS;
  • Removes the definition of “Regulated NSR Pollutant” to defer back to the federal definition;
  • Adds NSPS XXX (new MSW landfills);
  • Adds fire pumps to the SIP permitting exemption;
  • Eliminates PM2.5 nonattainment area NSR provisions (since attainment designation was issued); and
  • Adds fire pumps to the Title V insignificant activities list.

Cotton Gin Rule Update:

CSAPR Update:

  • Eliminates references to CAIR;
  • Incorporates CSAPR by reference;
  • Includes state annual trading budgets, new unit set-asides, and variability limits.

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