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Final Pulp and Paper NESHAP Residual Risk & Technology Review Amendments Issued

On 07/31/2012, U.S. EPA issued the Residual Risk & Technology Review amendments for the Pulp & Paper NESHAP.  In the final rule, EPA:

  • Concluded that the existing rule protects the public with an ample margin of safety (i.e., the existing risks are acceptable).
  • Determined that the impacts and costs of the HAP reductions in the proposed rule were not reasonable.
  • Found no new cost-effective control practices, processes, or technologies as part of the technology review.
  • Eliminated the startup, shutdown, and malfunction exemptions, consistent with the D.C. Circuit Court’s vacatur.
  • Added a requirement to conduct performance tests every 5 years and also required that stack test results be provided to EPA electronically.
  • Included additional test methods for methanol and added several non-EPA test methods by reference.

The final rule will be effective upon publication in the Federal Register.  The first of the 5-year performance tests must be conducted within 36 months after the final rule is published in the Federal Register.

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