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EPS Presenting at DecomWorld (March 26-27)

EPS is a sponsor and will be presenting at the upcoming 11th Annual DecomWorld Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit 2019 (26-27 March, Houston). DecomWorld is the offshore oil and gas industry’s leading provider of decommissioning insight. Addressing key topics such as well plugging and abandonment, cost estimation, risk management, regulatory changes and decommissioning lessons learned. Joseph Nicolette has presented at this conference since 2011 in regards to site risk management and decommissioning strategies using a net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA) approach.

Joe’s talk this year, with BHP Decommissioning Strategic Advisor Larry Johnson , will focus on decommissioning: Ideology versus Science!. Decommissioning Ideology vs. Science: Net Environmental Benefits Approach to Support Decision-Making

How recent, evolving scientific research is available to better quantify both environmental as well as socioeconomic benefits of offshore O&G facilities New thinking on cost effective Decommissioning strategies that can actually build on/enhance/expand benefits to the environment and the public.

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