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EPA Releases Revised Framework for Biogenic CO2 Accounting

On 11/19/14, EPA released a revised framework for assessing biogenic CO2 emissions from stationary sources.

  • For the Clean Power Plan, EPA expects to recognize biogenic CO2 emissions and climate poly benefits of waste-derived and certain forest-derived industrial byproduct feedstocks, support states’ efforts in using biomass power to met the CPP goals.  EPA also mentions that sustainably-derived agricultural and forest-derived feedstocks may also be an approvable element of CPP compliance plans.
  • For PSD, EPA plans rule revisions to exempt from BACT requirements waste-derived feedstocks and non-waste biogenic feedstocks derived from sustainable forest or agricultural practices.  This is based on EPA’s position that biogenic CO2 emissions are likely to have minimal or no net atmostpheric contributions of CO2 or even reduce such impacts when compared to an alternate fate of disposal.

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