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EPA Proposed Amendments to MSW Landfill Air Emissions Standards

On 08/14/2015, EPA proposed amendments to emissions standards for MSW landfills.

Fact Sheet for Existing Landfills:


  • The agency is proposing to update the emissions threshold that triggers a requirement to install landfill gas collection and control systems. That annual threshold, currently set at 50 metric tons (written as megagrams in the proposal) of nonmethane organic compounds, would change to 34 metric tons for active landfills under the proposed guidelines. This is the same threshold EPA is proposing for new landfills. Closed landfills would remain subject to the current threshold of 50 metric tons per year.
  • Landfills subject to the proposed guidelines would have 30 months after reaching the emissions threshold to install and begin operating a gas collection and control system.
  • Landfill owners/operators with a gas collection and control system would to be required to expand that system into new areas of the landfill within five years for active areas, and two years for areas that are closed or at final grade.

Fact Sheet for New, Modified, and Reconstructed Landfills:

EPA Site:

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