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Georgia EPD Proposes New Air Permit Fees – UPDATED

Georgia EPD is proposing changes to Air Permit Fees, starting in State Fiscal Year 2019.


The public hearing on the proposed changes will be held on April 9, 2018.  Written comments are due by April 16, 2018.

The proposed amendments and fee manual are available here:

From 2017:

Draft Rules:

Draft Fee Manual:

Meeting Announcement:


  • No proposed change to the current annual fees ($37.34 per ton for coal-fired EGUs and $35.50 for all other sources).
  • Beginning March 1, 2019, air permit application fees would be required based on permit type:

Minor Source Permit or Amendment: $250

Synthetic Minor Source Permit or Amendment: $1000

Major Source Permit not PSD or 112(g): $2000

Name / Ownership Change: $250

Permit-by-Rule: $250

Title V 502(b)(10) Permit Amendment: $2000

Title V Minor Modification with Construction: $2000

Title V Minor Modification without Construction: $2000

Title V Significant Modification with Construction: $2000

Title V Significant Modification without Construction: $2000

PSD Permit or 112(g) Permit: $7500

Nonattainment NSR Permit: $7500

  • These application fees do not include the optional expedited permit fee.
  • EPD is hosting a stakeholder meeting on November 13, 2017 to review the proposed changes.

For more information, please contact your EPS consultant.

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